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About Us

Kehli McCaskill

When it comes to skin health, beauty and anti-aging, finding the right person to be your “go-to” practitioner can be a challenge. Who can you trust? Kehli McCaskill is truly in her own league, but don’t take our word for it. Just read what her clients say and then read about her background and experience. Once you’ve sampled her level of care and expertise, you simply know you’re in the right hands.

McCaskill is board-certified through the NCCPA as a Physician Assistant with 19 years of experience in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. In addition to providing a thorough skin examination and assessment, she also specializes in recognizing and diagnosing skin malignancies. Where McCaskill shines, however, is in assisting patients in aesthetic treatments to enhance their natural beauty while promoting graceful aging.

Background and Study

Amanda Splinter

Having begun working in the field of aesthetic medicine during her first year of pediatric oncology at UCLA in 2012, Amanda Splinter’s passion for the field of aesthetic medicine began as a personal project to help friends and family with skin issues and was fueled additionally by a desire to learn new skills outside the hospital.

Splinter (RN,BSN) has a depth of laser knowledge that has been honed by more than 8 years of experiences and training in this rapidly evolving field. Her skills set and experience includes utilizing the latest technology and science to transform a complexion from troubled to beautiful. Known for her calm, gentle touch, clinical experience, and artistic eye, she delivers the most highly personalized care for the discerning client.

Splinter’s caring and professional background include a passion for nursing, aesthetics, science, geriatrics, and even art history, offering her clients an all-encompassing approach to beauty in body and skin anti-aging wellness.

Background and Study

Fallon Lopez

Fallon started her career in medicine as a PA in the operating room as a first assistant in Gynecologic Oncology. She developed strong surgical and procedural skills and enjoyed working with women through their journeys with cancer. After having children and desiring a little more balanced lifestyle, she entered the world of dermatology where she was able to transfer those surgical skills in excising skin cancers, moles, and cysts.

She became knowledgeable and thoughtful in her treatment approach for various skin conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis to name a few. She prides herself on her thorough skin examinations and early detection of skin cancers. She has attended numerous conferences and advanced training for her aesthetic skill set as well and enjoys helping patients feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

Background and Study